Monday, January 24, 2011

A Sparkly DIY

What does 2 parts inspiration + 1 part boredom and a dash of sparkle equal? A fun little DIY, that's what! I took my inspiration from a photo I used on an earlier post, a gorgeous piece of wall art by Justine Smith. And while mine doesn't use quarters (so cool, but that would require a little more than a trip to the craft store), it is just as sparkly! The best part, you can create beautiful monograms to hang on the back of the bride and groom chairs at your wedding, or anywhere else you please! I put mine on the wall above my vanity : )

• A hot glue gun
• Some glue gun sticks
• Ribbon
• Packs of rhinestones, I used four 75 piece packs
• Wooden or cardboard letters, already painted white (or any other color you would prefer!)
• Helper pug, optional

I found it best to experiment with the placement of the rhinestones on the first row before you glue them down. That way you will know if you need to re-think your gluing strategy. If you're confident about the placements, start gluing away! Oh, and be careful not to burn yourself on the glue gun. That's not so fun.

Once all of your rhinestones are glued, let it cool a few seconds, then rub your fingers over the rhinestones to get off any glue strings or blobs.

Next you are going to attach the ribbon to the back. How much ribbon you need to measure will depend on what you are using the monogram for. I didn't put much on mine because I only planned to hang it on the wall. But if you want to hang them on chairs, you might want to use a little more.

I went to Michael's for my supplies, and the wooden letters they had already had these nice little hanging notches on the back. So all I had to do was tie a knot in the end of the ribbon, put some glue in the notch, and then press the knot down in. If you do not have notches, just use a little extra glue, or even a staple gun.

Let cool and, voila! A custom, and oh-so pretty monogram. You can repeat the process with another letter, or if you're really feeling crafty, spell out the word "Love."


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